Angels For Elders offers a full array of personal services, including…

  • Personal Care–Long term or short term; Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) – (bathing, dressing, grooming, transferring, feeding) assistance after any health crisis – auto accident, surgery, a fall, illness – any age person. 24 hour care also.
  • Homemaking–Cleaning; meal preparation; organizing; companionship and sitting. Caregivers can prepare meals as needed.
  • Transportation–Doctor appointments (consultation notes upon request); Shopping (grocery, malls, gifts, personal needs); Recreational outings (movies, visit friends, reunions, special events); San Antonio or Austin Airport service.
  • Errands–Prescription pick-up; Pet care/veterinarian visits; Dry cleaning; Grocery shopping.
  • Paperwork–Monthly bills, Bank statement reconciliation; Medicare/ insurance forms; Personal letters and correspondence.
  • Special Services–Any service can be customized, and Angels can help you to arrange for specific needs.

When you request services we will come to your home for a personal meeting (“in-take”) to make sure we understand what you, or your loved one, needs. When you sign our service agreement we will create an account in our computer system. You may then request services on a regularly scheduled basis or “as needed” basis. We practice fairness and flexibility with our scheduling procedures. Clients are requested to be considerate and call the office to cancel a caregiver visit if plans have changed.

A pre-service deposit may be requested depending on the amount of service being requested.

Our small agency size allows us to communicate with our clients and our employees on a regular basis. Office staff will confirm your caregivers’ schedules on a very regular basis, usually weekly.

Periodic supervisory visits in clients’ homes by an administrative staff person are part of our quality control.

Angels For Elders will also…


Just as you would child-proof a home to make it safe for a child from injury, Angels will “elder-proof” your home to protect against injury or accidental poison. We get check-ups for our bodies (blood pressure, cholesterol), and for our cars, but we forget to do the same for our homes. When motor skills, balance, and response speeds change, we need to adjust our living environment. Accidents are most likely to occur in the homes of elders. Many accidents can be prevented with a little forethought.

We make a thorough review of all aspects of your living environment – floors, bathrooms, kitchen, alarms, furniture placement, doorways, storage areas. You will feel better and safer about living independently after you get a written report of our safety suggestions. An


Sometimes you make the difficult decision to move to a smaller living environment. The task can be so overwhelming that many people put off the move. The disposal of items you no longer need can be emotional, and even physically impossible. Let Angels take care of the details. We will help you sort through items, arrange for their disposal or delivery, make donations and gifts to family members, and move you to your new home.